Dr Caroline Leaf and Zombie Chemical Imbalance Myth

Sometimes if you tell a story often enough, people forget that it’s just a story and it takes on a life of its own. It’s like a zombie … the story isn’t real but it continues to wander around eating people’s brains and it’s very hard to kill off.

Dr Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist and self-titled cognitive neuroscientist. She also believes that reading a few blogs from fringe psychologists entitles her to call herself a mental health expert. She is the Christian church’s pin-up girl for the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Dr Leaf recently posted a blog on “The Chemical Imbalance Myth”. It’s a zombie. She’s posted on this before (on the 26th of October 2015 to be precise) but her blog post in 2015 was so inaccurate that she later took it down, only for it to resurface later on her website (in the section dubiously titled “Scientific FAQ”).

And like every good zombie, it’s resurfaced again. Dr Leaf hasn’t changed any of the inaccuracies that forced her to take down the original post, but instead added a couple of extra bits in, mixed it up a little and then just served it up, like a reheated bowl of rancid Christmas scraps.

I won’t go through each and every point like I did with her previous iteration of this blog, although if you want to review my more in-depth analysis of this subject, then please feel free to read my previous blog post: https://cedwardpitt.com/2015/10/26/dr-caroline-leaf-and-the-myth-of-chemical-imbalances-myth/. But I thought it was worth highlighting a couple of key things from this year’s fetid reincarnation which are so flawed that not even a B-grade science fiction writer would seriously entertain them.


Dr Leaf says:

“In other words, mental ill-health is a thought disorder based in the mind, which changes the brain physiologically and is a response to the complex and multifaceted challenges of life.” This is based on her underlying assumption that the brain doesn’t control the mind, but instead the mind controls the brain.

However, she also says that “Psychotropic drugs can directly affect our health, with side effects such as an increased risk of suicide, loss of sexual ability, potential brain shrinkage, agitation, insomnia, weight gain and obesity-related diseases like diabetes, lethargy, mental fog, emotional apathy, homicide”.

This statement is really ignorant and prejudiced; psychiatric drugs don’t make people into murderers for a start.

But the most striking flaw of all is that Dr Leaf is contradicting herself. She confidently asserts that psychotropic medications and their terrible chemical imbalances have ghastly side effects on emotional and cognitive functions such as “mental fog” and “emotional apathy”. But how can that be? After all, if the brain does not control the mind as she says, then the medications affecting the brain would not have any effect on the mind.

Dr Leaf can’t have it both ways – either her entire ministry is built on a false premise (the brain really controls the mind after all) or her dire assertions about psychiatric medications are unfounded (chemical imbalances in the brain can’t cause effects on the mind).

One way or the other, Dr Leaf has a serious problem in her reasoning.

Real science has clearly demonstrated that the mind is a product of the brain. Things that alter the structure of the brain (trauma, tumours) or the function of the brain (medications like ropinirole, every day drugs like caffeine, or illicit drugs like LSD) can all cause changes in how the mind functions with resulting changes in behaviour.

If Dr Leaf isn’t able to get the basics of science right and make even the most basic cogent argument then how can she be trusted to speak to more complicated issues surrounding mental health and illness.


Dr Leaf has never been one to undersell her scientific work. Accordingly, in her blog post she says:

Following a similar research path, I have also demonstrated, using my research on the power of mind-action in changing the brain, that mental disorders are primarily based in the mind …

I have researched the effectiveness of mind action techniques (which are thought-based) in overcoming the negative effects of neurological issues such as TBI, dementias, movement disorders, autism, aphasia, and learning disabilities, emotional trauma as well as various cognitive, emotional and mental health issues …

My Geodesic Learning Theory has been shown not only to be effective in mental health care, but also treating physical damage to the brain that occurs in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), learning disabilities and to improve learning techniques in both schools and the corporate world …

my research and experience indicated that many of these conditions were influenced by, or originated in, a disorder of the mind that was either caused by a trauma or negative thinking patterns. In other words, mental ill-health is a thought disorder based in the mind, which changes the brain physiologically and is a response to the complex and multifaceted challenges of life.

And yet the reality is that Dr Leaf only did one PhD in South Africa, and has not done any other university based research since. Her PhD did not look at “the power of mind-action in changing the brain”. In fact, her research didn’t focus on mental health or illness at all, and it certainly didn’t focus on dementias, movement disorders, autism, aphasia, and learning disabilities, emotional trauma, cognitive, emotional or mental health issues.

Her PhD was the evaluation of her Geodesic Learning Theory on a group of very normal students in a South African School. None of them had dementia. None of the other conditions were mentioned either. The overall results were likely due to chance, and in some cases, her intervention made the students grades worsen. The only other research that Dr Leaf performed was a similar intervention in come schools in Dallas, but the results were much the same as her PhD and given the unflattering results, this study was never published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Dr Leaf should know what she studied for her own research, and yet her description in her current blog post is so strikingly different from what is on the public record. So again, this begs the question – how can someone who is so wrong about her own research be trusted with any level of authority in any other subject?


For someone who claims to be an expert on mental health, Dr Leaf is extremely callous and dismissive of those people who suffer from mental illnesses. She repeatedly uses quotation marks to refer to mental illnesses, like ‘“diseases” like depression’ as if to suggest that they aren’t illnesses at all. Can you imagine if this same level of disrespect was applied to someone with a physical disability? That people in wheelchairs have the “disability” of paraplegia, for example. It’s extremely disrespectful and intolerant whether it is speaking about a physical disability or a mental illness.

The other thing which is highly inappropriate is her scare-mongering about psychiatric treatments. Psychiatric patients are not imprisoned, drugged, locked in solitary confinement and compelled to “live their days marinating in their own excrement.” I doubt whether Dr Leaf has ever set foot in a psychiatric facility. She is simply regurgitating the information fed to her by alarmist groups such as Mad In America, a group of psychologically trained rogue extremists – the Taliban of the world of psychiatry. It’s propaganda in it’s purest form, but Dr Leaf takes it at face value and repeats it no matter how inaccurate it actually is.

Dr Leaf’s criticism of modern psychiatry is breathtaking in it’s ignorance, especially in the face of published science, but what makes it more concerning is that it is internally inconsistent her own teaching, and this isn’t the first time that she’s contradicted herself.

Dr Leaf should take down this ignorant, inaccurate and intolerant post. This particular zombie myth needs to be buried once and for all.

5 thoughts on “Dr Caroline Leaf and Zombie Chemical Imbalance Myth

  1. Thank you for your reply. I wanted to have some tangable idea of what her detox intails. I understand what your articles are about. I don’t use social media where it is easy to contact someone about just about anything. After getting an idea of your style of writing I value your opinion.

    • Hmmm … her detox plan is essentially an arbitrary sequence of positive thinking strategies. It’s “The Secret” in Christianese, broken into 21 different chunks. Think about something positive, try and stop thinking about something negative, that sort of thing. That’s probably not very tangible for you, so I apologise, but that’s as much as I can really say without writing all of her steps out. Either way, it’s not something that has any scientific validity. If anything, trying to stop ‘negative’ thoughts is like trying to stop breathing – it’s impossible and not very healthy. I’m sure there is some benefit for some people as there is a treatment effect for any ‘therapy’, but over the longer term, regression to the mean would flatten out any early benefits that people might think they have.

      Anyway, I’m not sure if that’s helpful or not, but thanks for the question and all the best to you.

  2. Amazed at your incomplete and faiilyy slant on virtually everything she teaches and offers. It’s overboard. Many have and are benefiting from the consonance she has explained between the Bible and the Brain.

    You, sir, evidence the exact thought weaknesses (jealousy, perhaps even envy, and bitterness) that can truly benefit by (if at all possible) a little humility, meekness, self-doubt, and openness to her teachings.

    Your axe has been ground. Stop, mostly unfoundedly, trying to bias many against what can and will benefit them in their walk with God by better understanding how he made us—body, soul, and spirit.

    You’re lost in some funk that’s more representative of darker, unhappy issues you need to deal with then anything for which you’ve tried to indict Dr. Leaf.

    Criticism versus Critique. What bunk!

    • Dear Doug,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. I thought your opening sentence was deliciously ironic. Your accusation that my critique of Dr Leaf is “incomplete”, juxtaposed with your baseless assertion that “Many have and are benefiting from” Dr Leaf’s teaching, was beautifully hypocritical.

      You’re welcome to hold whatever opinion you like about me, but if the only retort that you have is a personal judgement about my character, then it’s clear you’ve missed the point entirely. Even if I was jealous or bitter, or in a melancholic funk, there is nothing that I could ever learn from Dr Leaf’s teachings because her teachings are scientifically and Biblically unsound. If you don’t believe me, read my book – it’s all on line for free (http://www.debunkingdrleaf.com) – there are 300 references from the medical literature which support my stance. It’s not perfect I’m sure, but it’s certainly not “incomplete”.

      If you still don’t believe me, that’s fine. You can believe whatever you like, but personally, I don’t really care what you think. I know that whatever my personal flaws might be, my critique of Dr Leaf is predicate on sound research and strong logic. Whether I’m grinding my axe or not is irrelevant as the lack of evidence is what truly damns Dr Leaf’s work, not my opinion.

      All the best to you.

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