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2 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hi Dr Pitt,

    Thanks for you scientific rebuttle of Dr Leafs presentation at Nexus Church last Sunday. I was at Nexus and heard her speak. Interestingly, many times through her sermon I was questioning what she was stating. She never once backed her statements up with any research or ‘proof’ which wasn’t very scientific for a scientist. I immediately disagreed with her statement that “98% of cancer is caused by toxic thoughts”. I also felt that she seemed to be giving herself a lot of credit and was almost boasting. I tried doing her 21 day detox when I was suffering with depression once but couldn’t make it past day 2 as it was very difficult to make your brain do what she wanted you to do. Her claims, I think could lead people to condem themselves and try to do things in their own strength. I agree that dwelling on what isn’t good is toxic (which the bible says) but claiming that it will cause cancer is very difficult to prove. I think it’s great that you are explaining why her statements aren’t correct. Thank you for taking the time to inform people.

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for your feedback. I concur with your observations of Dr Leaf – her reliance on speculation rather than citations is concerning. I think your experience with her 21-day detox is very interesting – that you couldn’t make it past day 2 because ‘it was very difficult to make your brain do what she wanted you to do’. I’d suggest very difficult it’s because your brain was doing exactly what it was designed to do. Our brains are meant to be a “don’t get killed” organ. It’s meant to alert us to potential dangers and help us avoid them. So ‘negative’/‘toxic’ thoughts are inevitable. In depression and anxiety, the problem tends to be that we can’t experience anything else appropriately, but this is a disruption of functions well below the level of our thoughts. I discuss this further in my writing on the Cognitive Action Pathways model – Chapter 2 in my book (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/466848 or https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/hold-that-thought/id908877288?mt=11) or in these posts (http://cedwardpitt.com/2014/11/08/dr-caroline-leaf-putting-thought-in-the-right-place/ and http://cedwardpitt.com/2014/11/11/putting-thought-in-the-right-place-part-2/). So, you’re right, people will condemn themselves unnecessarily for their ‘failure’ when it’s not failure at all, but are simply being mislead about the real problem.

      Can I encourage you, like I encourage everyone who offers feedback here about Dr Leaf, to also discuss your concerns about Dr Leaf with your friends, and take the time to let the leaders at Nexus know you’re concerns, as well as the National Executive of the Australian Christian Churches. It’s only through politely making our concerns known that other people will realise something isn’t quite right with her teaching, and it’s only through an open dialogue with our pastors that they can make a balanced assessment of Dr Leaf’s teaching to their congregations. Your voice is important.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to share your story. All the best to you.

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