Dr C. Edward Pitt is a full time GP* and spare-time writer. He lives and works in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He is way too busy.

He has been studying and working in the medical profession since 1992. In that time he has gained the qualifications of MBBS (UQ) and the FRACGP. He spent a number of years in hospital paediatrics before getting sick of shift-work and moving into General Practice.

Since attaining his GP Fellowship in 2005, he has gained experience in many and varied areas of medicine including Skin Cancer Medicine, Cosmetic Medicine, Aged Care, Sexual Health and Family Planning, and is a regular question writer and examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

In the early 2000’s, he was a regular writer for a nationally published Christian magazine, “Alive”, and he published his first book in 2009, “Stress Out”, now in it’s second edition.

He is also a husband, father to two rambunctious small boys, coffee connoisseur, try-hard leg spinner, amateur actor and a terrible dancer. Whatever time he has left, he usually wastes it on Facebook!

(* GP is short for General Practitioner, also known as a Family Physician in some parts of the world)

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the Understanding Thought blog. I enjoyed it. And I thought you did a good job of a quick explanation of GWT and of our LIDA model. One small correction. We think the cognitive cycling rate is roughly 10 hz, not 20 hz [Madl, T., Baars, B. J., & Franklin, S. (2011). The Timing of the Cognitive Cycle. PLoS ONE, 6(4), e14803.] Also, a LIDA based account of so called unconscious driving can be found in [Franklin S, Baars BJ, Ramamurthy U, Ventura M (2005). The Role of Consciousness in Memory. Brains, Minds and Media, Vol.1, bmm150 (urn:nbn:de:0009-3-1505)]
    Both are available directly online, or at .

    • Professor Franklin, thank you for taking the time to review the post, and for your very gracious complement. It is high praise indeed coming from a man of your vast intellectual stature. I have adjusted the blog accordingly, and I’ll be using the references you suggested to update my book’s manuscript when it’s due for review. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Dr Leaf’s theories. I heard her speak over the weekend in Sydney and I was grieved to hear her speak about mental illness. I was mortified. Her ‘ministry’ is dangerous and needs to be questioned. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful commentary.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Simone. It’s much appreciated.

      I agree with you about Dr Leaf’s teaching on mental illness. If I can encourage you, and anyone else who has significant concerns re: Dr Leaf, to respectfully make your concerns known to both your friends, and the national executive for the church organisation you’re a part of. Make your voice heard, respectfully and consistently. If everyone shares their concerns, then it’s more likely that action will be taken by our church leadership.

      Again, thanks for the feedback, and all the best.

  3. I had the priviledge to meet dr Leaf about ten years ago in South Africa. She used to be a leader in her research on neoroscience. Many people was familiar with her name and she was frequently invited to present teaching courses in public- and private schools around the country. I did a course on the Geodesic Information Processing model. It was an excellent course and still use the metacogs in teaching my students. She is always friendly and helpful from what I remember. However, there is a definite shift in her teachings. It seems like she is concentrating more on new age teachings or mystical experience. She has moved away from truthful Biblical teachings towards experiental practice with a divinity out there. Although she is still using scripture as base, it is clear that it is a vehicle for her new age teaching to make it more believeable for Christians. Her teachings are very dangerous. She is a cultural change agent and does not fit the role of objective researcher any longer. Regretfully, I can no longer read her facebook entries or stand her speaking rubbish on her blog.

    • Hi Trix. Thanks for your comment. I think your historical perspective on Dr Leaf is very interesting. I do find her teachings disturbing, and her objectivity and her interpretation of scientific research is certainly open to debate. As for your suggestions about Dr Leaf’s teaching being a vehicle for New Age teaching, and that she is a cultural change agent … I’m not sure if I can speak to that one way or the other. My approach on this blog and in my book is to contrast her teaching to the current scientific research, and highlight discrepancies. I’m not an expert in New Age teaching, and I don’t want to venture beyond my knowledge and training. Whilst I can’t endorse your view, I have published your comment so that others can make up their own mind. Whether her teachings align with New Age teachings or not, I can say with confidence that her teachings are scientifically weak, and for that reason alone, they need to be revised.

      Thanks for taking the time to share.

  4. I have read your critique of Dr. Leaf as well as her husband’s clear and responsible rebuttal.

    Considering your medical credentials, family medicine, many would question YOUR qualifications to judge this very well-respected neuroscientist.

    • Marianne, thank you for your candour.

      You’re welcome to believe whomever or whatever you like, though it’s a shame that your dismissal of my work rests primarily on the baseless assumption that family medicine is a second-rate form of medical care. General Practice is a medical specialty in its own right. To achieve the title of GP, one has to complete nearly ten years of university-level education. Dismissing my work on the grounds that I’m a GP is simply an an ad hominem logical fallacy.

      Secondly, I’m yet to find convincing evidence that Dr Leaf is a neuroscientist. If you know of any university research positions she has held in neuroscience labs, or any journal articles on neuroscience that she has published, then please forward those details to me and I will happily publish a correction.

      Thank you for your feedback. All the best to you.

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